Funded Projects (Peer Reviewed)

2019 - 2022 FWF: "Elevated Low Relief Landscapes in Mountain Belts: Active Tectonics or Glacial Reshaping? The Eastern Alps as Natural Laboratory"
Principle Investigator

2013 - 2015 FFG: EO-based services to support humanitarian operations: monitoring population and natural resources in refugee/IDP camps“
Cooperation partner in the work-package: Exploration of potential borehole sites

2005 - 2008 FWF: P-18341 – "Numerical Models for the Eastern Alps"
Principal Investigator

Industrial Projects

In general industrial projects are confidential and details on the projects are not published. Industrial projects with project fundings in the range of € 500 to € 10000 were performed on request of following partners.

2018 ILF Consulting Engineers: Mudflow Simulations

2014 Alpinfra: Dam Break Simulations

2014 ILF Consulting Engineers: Tsunami Simulations

2013 Z_GIS -  Department of Geoinformatics: Lahar Simulation

2013 WLV : Stream Gauging - Koppl-Ebenau